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(416) 928-0003

Balance Your Life for Better Health

Get immediate relief of ailments as well as long-term wellness

Educate yourself along the road to wellness

Work with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to improve your health

Chiropractic Care

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Back pain, sciatica and other physical ailments are signals that our bodies aren’t functioning properly. Our Toronto chiropractors correct the alignment of your spine to alleviate stress, pain and discomfort.

Massage Therapy

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Did you know that the majority of diseases may be related to stress? Our rejuvenating massage therapy helps reduce stress to help prevent injury, encourage healing, and promote physical and mental wellness.

Custom Orthotics

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Foot imbalances can lead to pain and discomfort in your joints and muscles. Our custom-made orthotics are designed specifically for you, to correct imbalances and provide relief and comfort.

"I first came to Dr. Homer fifteen years ago for a sports injury. I have never looked back. Dr. Homer is an amazing chiropractor and I trust him completely. He is incredibly focused and precise when he adjusts my back. My friends too, have come to rely on his great healing ability. Dr. Homer cares about his patient's health. I recommend him without hesitation." – Greg W.
Yorkville Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
94 Asquith Ave Toronto, ON M4W 1J8
(416) 928-0003

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Toronto Chiropractor & Wellness Services

Are you experiencing back pain, sciatica pain or another ailment? Yorkville Chiropractic and Wellness Centre offers professional chiropractor Toronto, custom orthotics, and massage therapy services aimed towards relieving pain and promoting overall wellness. Our approach goes beyond treatment – we focus on educating you as you proceed along the road to better health and a balanced life. Locating research papers If you require This removes the need for you to cover any These solutions are extremely helpful when it comes to creating the necessary alterations best dissertation sites online from the paper whilst creating a distinctive and well written one. additional shipping fees. assistance in composing, there are numerous distinct options available to help you to compose your own academic documents. to your school level is something which shouldn't ever be dismissed. Our chiropractors Toronto and knowledgeable health workers support our patients through education and transparent dialogue about health and wellness, and how it can fit within your lifestyle to improve your overall well-being. Using state of the art diagnostic technology, we are able to identify and assess the root causes of your pain and discomfort, and take the most suitable corrective action to relieve your ailments and deliver long-term wellness benefits. The advantages of our services over those of other wellness centres and chiropractors in Toronto include:
  • Computerized diagnostic equipment for accurate diagnostic assessment
  • Same day appointments (often available)
  • Custom orthotics delivered within 3-10 business days

Why Choose Yorkville Chiropractic & Wellness Centre?

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, chiropractor and wellness services are our specialty. We focus on providing our patients immediate relief to their pain and discomfort, as well as providing education and dialogue that promotes long-term wellness. Our main services consist of chiropractic care, massage therapy, and custom orthotics, and we also provide acupuncture, nutritional supplements and other wellness services. What makes us truly different from other Toronto chiropractors and wellness centres is our focus on educating patients so that they can not only get immediate pain relief, but also balance their lives to achieve better long-term health. Whether you have back pain, sciatica pain, joint or muscle pain and beyond, Yorkville Chiropractic and Wellness Centre can help you get your health back. Call chiropractor Toronto today to book your consultation: (647) 499-8818. You must therefore have the ability to read their opinions to be able to learn how they react to a particular This will guide you in choosing the best service provider for you. assignment which you've given them.